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Clean and Glow  
It takes a special kind of cleanser to remove impurities while restoring skin with natural goodness. The combination of three different olive extracts, olive leaf extract, olive skins and olive oil, which will never be found in any cleanser is designed to combine with Our Wakame, Sauvignon Blanc grape seed/skin and kiwi fruit skins is all about taking the impurities, pollution and toxin off skin and leave it with the most unique natural glow.
Another exceptional combination is the sweet almond oil and sunflower oil with the Sauvignon Blanc grape seed/skin extract. The grape skin extract gently exfoliate the skin and the essential oil gives the glow and hydrate the skin at the same time.

100ml – Anytime Care

Our Wakame Extract (Cleansing, Detoxifying): This green miracle has exceptional cleansing and hydrating properties. It also diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, soothes dry and itchy skin and gives you a healthy, glowing complexion.

Undarianz ™: Our own unique formula of our Wakame and a powdered formulation of carefully selected ingredients from New Zealand with clinically proven skin antiaging, brightening and integrity enhancing activity. To maximise skin bioavailability all the ingredients in Undarianz are water soluble and the formula is designed to be consumed dissolved in water. All the active ingredients are sourced from New Zealand’s pure and clean environment, include marine collagen from New Zealand’s pristine ocean, extract from New Zealand world famous sauvignon blanc grape and the skin of New Zealand renowned kiwi fruit, a purified protein extract from amaranth grain and antioxidant extract from New Zealand fruits and berries. All these ingredients have been naturally extracted in environmentally friendly and sustainable process.

kaolin clay: New Zealand kaolin clay is a cream/khaki colour that works wonders to stimulate, reinvigorate and rejuvenate cells and tissues, making them an ideal ingredient for natural skin care. This Clay absorbs undesirable particles, like germs, dust and bacteria immobilises impurities or toxic substances on the skin and eliminates them; and acts as a powerful antiseptic and disinfecting agent.

Sauvignon Blanc Grape Seed Extract (Gentle exfoliator, Glow): Gently exfoliates and nourishes tired looking skin. This super food also helps strengthen the skin’s essential scaffolding, particularly keeping your complexion looking firm and youthful.

Kiwi fruit Extract (Brightening, Hydrating): Kiwi fruits are loaded with antioxidants which can eliminate toxins and waste, keeping your complexion looking clean and refreshed.

Start using New Zealand Secret Cleanser to Clean dirt and impurities in the morning and at night before applying the New Zealand Secret Collagen Serum and Day or Night cream. Pump three or four times to add the cleanser cream in your palm and start rubbing it with circle motions all over your face including around the eyes. This cleanser has such pure ingredients that it works to perfection for the delicate skin around the area of the eyes. After you start feeling the cleanser essential oils are absorbed into skin wipe your skin with a soft damp towel. You will see the instant natural glow that comes from the most luxurious essential oils combined with the best gentle exfoliator.